Framed Floral Quilt for do. Good Stitches ::A Finished Quilt::


I finally finished the March quilt for the Haven Circle of do. Good Stitches this weekend, but it's been so gloomy I put off taking pictures.  Today was not much brighter, but I want to get this in the mail this morning!

March haven quilt

My beemates made blocks with floral centers following this tutorial in springy, bright colors.  I worried about the cohesiveness when I had the blocks together and also about the size.  I hemmed and hawed over borders and finally decided on sashing and cornerstones.

Putting together a quilt top for #havendgs

I thought the Lizzy House catnip print was just enough contrast to the low volume to be seen without being overbearing.  I had already planned to bind it in yellow and luckily I had enough extra for the cornerstones. The cornerstones are 2.5" squares and the sashing strips are 2.5 x 12.5."

March haven

I quilted this one pretty simply with a curvy stitch on the diagonals.  I used the eco green batting from Quilter's Dream again and it is just such a cozy feel with light quilting.

Ready for the wash #havendgs #dogoodstitches

This one will be mailed to our charity in Austin, TX later today.  Thanks to all my hivemates for the wonderful blocks!


  1. Good for you! Especially as a mom of three taking time to do such a good work. And the sashing, cornerstones and binding work perfectly for this quilt!

  2. Wow, I looooove the catnip ! Brilliant. And such a pretty finish overall. Thanks for the inspiration!


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