My Small World QAL {Panels 3 and 4}

Amazingly, I am still keeping up with the My Small World QAL.  If you missed my first two posts, this is from the Jen Kingwell pattern in Quiltmania.

All finished with panel 4! #mysmallworldqal

Sections 3 and 4 came together pretty quickly, although I do feel like I am spending half my life cutting low volume 1.5" squares.  I probably should have cut all 800 I needed before I started the whole project.  But, I wanted a really big variety and then I probably never would have started!

Getting a little better at these orange peels, but still a lot of room for improvement! #mysmallworldqal

Here's a detail of one of the orange peel blocks from section 4.  I was thinking I am getting better at these, but then the photograph always shows little mistakes you didn't notice in real life.  I do love the fabrics in this one.  They are from a random charm pack of Amy Butler fabrics, no idea which line, but something fairly recent. Oh, and one random petal of Anna Maria Horner's Misguided Gingham.

The cutest part of tonight's #mysmallworldqal work #wildandcrazysaturdaynight

I'm still continuing to draft little paper piecing patterns for these itty bitty blocks.  Below is a picture of how I do it, using my cutting mats and rulers.

This is how I draw my paper piecing templates @flourishingpalms I use my cutting mat and grid rulers to measure everything

I'll be writing a post soon on making those little 2.5" pinwheel blocks with spun seams.  This helps reduce the bulk in the seam allowances greatly.

#mysmallworldqal wee little pinwheels with #spunseams

How's your summer going?  We have some kind of bug travelling through our household.  First Sean got it, then me, and now Will.  Hopefully it ends there.  Sean and I are still coughing, but feeling a lot better than we were last week.  

Panel 3 finished! #mysmallworldqal
My Small World, Sections 1-3


  1. When you finish, will you sell me your copy of the magazine? I can't seem to find a copy anywhere!

  2. This is just so fun. The more I look the more I see all the cute little details!

  3. Wonderful...I love all your scrappy goodness here! Looks like it could be kind of addictive sewing!


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