Finish Along 2016

Happy New Year (I know, I'm a little late)!  I always get caught up in the urge to better myself and organize my life every January.  I'm working out every day (not such a new thing) and doing another round of Whole30 after great results last October.

Now I just need to get these quilty WIP's in order!  I thought that the Finish Along 2016 might be just the thing to help me stay on track.  I narrowed it down to a mosaic of 8 items in various stages of completion and then realized I forgot three biggies!  It's like they come back to taunt/haunt you! So 11 projects - roughly one a month, totally doable, right?

These are the 8 WIPs I hope to finish in 2016

From the top I have the Meadow Quilt from the Lizzy House class I took in Knoxville, TN this past fall.  Next are my beautiful paper pieced envelopes (pattern from Ayumi's book Patchwork, Please) made by me and members of the Sealed With a Kiss swap group.  Third in the top row is just something I made for fun that I want to turn into a mini and maybe make a tutorial for.

Middle row is my Modern Medallion from Handstitched Camp over at Stitched in Color.  Then my Very Quilty Christmas quilt-along that Lori Holt did via Instagram in 2014. The third is a big gingham/buffalo check quilt I want to make for my youngest son's bed.  It's just so so so boring to make.

Bottom row is the Small World QAL from Jean Kingwell - I even have some of the dresden plates/rainbows, just need to hand stitch them on and quilt.  That final bottom corner is my liberty Flowering Snowball.  I fall in and out of love with it.  I worry that I used precious, expensive fabric for something that I don't love.  I need to just finish it and see for sure!

Working on my #stashsewciety quilt for my oldest boy. Only had a few minutes before the bus stop but made that second block on the bottom row - he requested some Aqua/teal

These are all my blocks from Stash Sewciety, destined to be a queen bed quilt for my oldest son.  I need to make a bunch more blocks, adding in more aqua/teal as I do.

I really need to make some more #scrappytripalongblocks and make this quilt already!

Okay, scrappy trip along!  This thing was an old WIP back when Sean was that little (he wears big boy underpants now).  It would make a great picnic/ fort quilt, maybe no batting and just back in something substantial?

Finishing the #pennysampler quilt top today

Penny Sampler.  I can't believe this still isn't finished.  I actually finished the whole top during the class. I wanted to do really fancy FMQ, something unique in each block.  I was afraid at first, then did a little bit and was loving it.  Now my Bernina is no longer behaving when I FMQ.  Threads breaking regardless of brand, weight, needle, tension, ugh.  

Well, it looks I better go sew!  Or maybe just push all these back into the basket under my table and start something new ; ) just kidding! maybe.


  1. I love the top right one and would love a tutorial for it!

  2. You've got some gorgeous WIPs there!

  3. You r a genius...U will now be my idol...I will try to be more like you...Maybe I should join finish along too


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