Family Book Club Party {Rabbits with Swords}

In our family, we are pretty excited because we just heard the news: 
the long awaited fourth Green Ember book is going to be released soon!

  We listened to the first book on audio during our first year of homeschooling and fell hard for the story of Picket and Heather.  The rabbit siblings went from chasing a star made of twigs and Heather's red hair ribbon into a battle for everything they held dear against the evil Morbin Blackhawk. The boys were spellbound by the beautifully told tales of loyalty and betrayal as well as the thrilling action scenes.  The rabbits proved to be especially acrobatic wielders of swords!

  Since that initial installment, we have eagerly read everything S.D.Smith has published.  My older boys especially like the shorter novellas, The Last Archer and The Black Star of Kingston.  They don't know it, but the sequel to the Last Archer, their favorite book of all, comes out in December.  I went ahead and ordered it, knowing they will be thrilled to receive The First Fowler (and new t-shirts) for the holidays!

 What's a great way to capture your kids' enthusaism for a book and show them how fun literature can be?  Grab your friends for a Book Club Party!  

 Which is exactly what we did.  Book Club Party can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.  The whole point is to have fun, not to create more work.  When our friends arrived, I knew they'd be squirmy from a long car ride so we stayed outside for Heather and Picket's favorite game: Starseek.  I provided the lengths of red ribbon and the kids gathered sticks and tied them together into stars.  

  "My place beside you
My blood for yours
'Til the Green Ember rises
or the end of the world"

After the kids ran around, throwing and chasing their red streamered stars, we came inside to get lunch ready.  I had a simple project ready with contact paper and black paper frames taped up to the windows.  They used squares of tissue paper to make stained glass windows like the rabbits had in Lighthall.  

  For lunch we had soup just like The Savory Den is famous for.  Naturally, we finished our meal with carrot cake cupcakes.  It was a very easy party that only took a little planning but it had a big impact.  They talk about our Rabbit Party often when someone is reading or talking about one of the books.

Book Club Parties are a fun way to bring connection and a love of reading together in your home! 

(This is not a sponsored post, we just love the work of S.D. Smith so much we are happy to spread the news!  The links to his webpage are not affiliate links and I gain nothing if you click on them, but we sure hope you fall in love with his magical world! The amazon links on this page are affiliate links and although it won't cost you any more to purchase, if you use a link to do so I may receive a small compensation and for that I'm most appreciative!)


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