Weekly Journal #8

What I'm smiling about:  Wednesday was World Kindness Day, and to celebrate Magee Women's Hopsital in Pittsburgh (where I was born) dressed the newborns like Mr. Rogers.  Awww, cuteness.  I grew up on Mr. Rogers and even saw him once out and about in Pittsburgh.  I cried like a baby through the Won't You Be My Neighbor documentary and I can't wait to see Tom Hanks play him in It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

What I'm reading:  Speaking of Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers, this is such a good read! He's just a super good guy.  And I love that they included these four pillars of journalism from Mr. Rogers' files:

1. Journalists are human beings not stenographers, human beings not automatons. 2. Point out injustice when you have to. 3. Point out beauty when you can. 4. Be aware of celebrating the wonders of creation.

How I'm helping:  Answering Caroline Starr Rose's plea to get her book, A Race Around the World, into more library systems.  I've long been a fan of Rose's books and have read a few aloud to my children.  As she points out, most children's non-fiction books are discovered at libraries, as they don't tend to get a lot of exposure.  I've used my library's "suggest a purchase" request online to see if we can get this into our library system and I'd urge you to do the same.  And then check it out and read it, it sounds fascinating!

What I'm cooking: A slightly more nutritious take on Cacio e Pepe.  I love the nuttiness and substance the farro adds.  It's perfect comfort food.

What I'm buying: the new Nutcracker range from Rifle Paper Co. at Anthro.  Well, mostly I'm just coveting it,  I only actually purchased that one teacup in the photo above.


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