Holiday Favorite: Lucia Morning in Sweden

 Since we homeschool (loosely) following the Waldorf pedagogy, we like to celebrate the St. Nicholas and St. Lucia festivals in December.  St. Lucia is December 13, which falls on Friday, so you still have time to get Lucia Morning in Sweden at the library or from Amazon or a local bookstore in time.  This is the sweet story about how a family in Sweden prepares for and celebrates St. Lucia day, with some historical information on Lucia, songs and recipes included in the back.

St. Lucia is a Sicilian saint, but her feast day is most widely celebrated in Sweden.  According to legend, she appeared, carrying a basket of food and bearing candles, in Sweden to save the starving people of Varmland in the darkest time of the year.  Lucia Morning tells how the family spends the day before baking, so that the children can dress up as Lucia and the Starboys and deliver light and cheer to their neighbors and family in the morning.  The recipe for Lucia Buns is especially yummy and fun to make after you read the book!


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