Holiday Favorites: The Baker's Dozen

 The Feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6, but fortunately we can celebrate him all month long and enjoy this treasure of a book.  We own a kindle copy because years ago when we tried to purchase it we discovered it was very difficult to find.  Now it appears that The Baker's Dozen is readily available in print again!

  This story tells the tale of an honest baker in New Amsterdam with lush, Old World illustrations. When the baker refuses to give an old woman thirteen St. Nicholas cookies for the dozen she ordered, she berates him for being stingy.  After an ensuing year of misfortune he finally learns the value of being generous in time for St. Nicholas day.

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 We aren't always so ambitious, but one year we made cookies just like the book to pass out to our neighbors.  Since I had not planned ahead, I just cut out the shapes freestyle with a knife (not recommended!).


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