Holiday Favorites: Red & Lulu

 Red & Lulu was our favorite new holiday book last December.  As soon as I checked it out I knew I would need to get a copy for our family library.  Cardinals are my favorite bird, maybe my favorite animal.  I love to watch them come to our window bird feeder, always in pairs.  A few summers ago Mr. Cardinal got trapped inside our screened porch and the Mrs. stayed on the outside, worriedly chirping encouragement or advice the whole time, as he bashed into the screen repeatedly to try to reach her.  When he refused to go out the door I left open for him, I put on a pair of leather work gloves, spoke some kind words to him and he let me scoop him up and carry him out to the tree his mate was waiting in.  This story feels like their story.

 The story begins when Red leaves Lulu behind in their nest to find some breakfast and arrives back to find their tree has been chopped down.  Red tries to follow the trailer that carried their tree away, chirping to Lulu the whole time, but soon he grows tired and loses sight of it.  He searches the big city for days until he hears people singing their favorite song, "O Christmas Tree!" and finally finds their tree in Rockefeller Center.  This is such a beautiful book in every way with the bonus tie in of such an iconic American Christmas tradition.


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