Holiday Favorites: The Trouble with Trolls

 When I read this book yesterday two out of three boys declared Christmas Trolls as their favorite Christmas book. Treva's family's Christmas presents and decorations start to go missing, so she doesn't waste any time following a hedgehog she sees scuttling into the forest with their Christmas pudding pincushioned to its back. He leads her straight to the home of Mig and Tig, two squabbling trolls.  How can Treva make them understand that Christmas isn't just something you can grab or steal?  Of course, Hedgie is busy himself trying to make things right in the secondary story unfolding on each page's borders.

 This book has become such a part of our family that if the kids ever have a case of the "gimmes" all I have to do is say, "okay, Mig & Tig, that's enough!" It gives everyone pause and creates a few smiles at the memory of this fun story.  That's the best part of reading books as a family!

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