Weekly Journal #11

What I'm dying over: Obsessed with the Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits.  I saw someone make a little bedroom for one out of an Altoids tin on IG and had to make one for my niece.  Now I have to make a few more!

What I'm listening to: the What Should I Read next podcast with author Kate DiCamillo.  I have heard her before on the Read Aloud Revival podcast and I adore hearing her speak about her writing process and life in general.  She's funny and smart and just all around awesome. In this podcast she talks about Ann Patchett (how do I get into this friendship crew?!?!?), specifically how she wrote the last paragraph of The Dutch House for her as a joke knowing only the character names. Ann said, "I think that will work" and actually used it!

What I'm signing the kids up for: The Read Aloud Revival 31-Day Read-Aloud Challenge.  It will be our third year participating, so I already know the special magic that this brings into our home each January. Sure, they get better reading out loud but that's just the tip of the iceberg. They read to our old labrador, Bettis, they read to each other, they read to grandparents and they love crossing off their calendar.  It's just the best way to start the year and I hope you'll give it a try.

What I'm signing up for: The #26BooksWithBringingUpBurns challenge on Instagram. This is actually the challenge that saved my reading life many years ago when I was finally emerging from the fog of newborn sleeplessness.  Last year was the first year I didn't join in (because of my personal Century of Books Challenge), but I can't wait to get back into it.  I always find great recommendations through the hashtag and Erin's prompts are so creative and fun!


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