Weekly Journal

What I'm reading:  How fun is this book I found in the library's staff pics?  Our Rainbow Queen is the perfect companion read as we're working our way through The Crown.

What I'm watching: The Crown Season Three on Netflix.  I was a little worried since the plan for this series is to change the actors every two seasons as it follows the decades in Queen Elizabeth II's life, and I loved Claire Foy so much (and John Lithgow as Churchill).  Well, seeing Helena Bonham Carter play Princess Margaret is worth the switch alone.  I also really like Olivia Coleman as the middle aged Queen.  Some people find her much less likable but I see a woman trapped in her unshakable efforts to fulfill her duty.  She knows her actions are not always popular, but she feels strongly that she can't worry about people liking her.  If you don't have Netflix, I'd strongly advise at least doing the free 30-day trial and binge watching the series.  Also, most people think the first few episodes are a little boring, but just stick with it!

What I'm excited to read: Woven in the Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez.  Wow, talk about a pretty cover.  This is one I'll have to buy despite my love of reading on my kindle. There's an excerpt it on the Parnassus blog, Musing. By the way, I love how Parnassus often has signed hardbacks. I bought my dad a signed copy of Ben Folds' biography for Chistmas this year. He's a musician we both love and my dad reads more than almost anyone I can think of. (not a sponsored post, just a big fan of Parnassus.)

What I'm loving: Grove Collaborative.  I find it so much easier to order my cleaning supplies here than forgetting half of them at Target.  My family has really taken to their new bamboo toilet paper. We also buy their castille soap and refill all of the hand soap pumps in our house with it.  I use a quarter cup of castille soap, a tablespoon each of almond oil and glycerin and fill it the rest of the way with filtered water.  So much greener and more economical than buying disposable pumps!  Best of all, when you try it out you get a free 5 piece gift set that is pretty awesome (and in full disclosure I'll get a credit on my account if you use my link).  I've been a happy customer for three years now!


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