A Little About Me

Okay, so this probably should have been my first post.  But, I've been sewing a lot this week, have lots to share & I'm very excited about my LOVE pillow!  Valentine's Day is MY holiday!  I am generally not a touchy-feely, sappy kind of girl, but I love pink, hearts and decorating with them.  Maybe it's because I'm in a house surrounded by boys.  My husband, two boys & a labrador retreiver named Bettis (we're Steelers fans)!

So I have always been into sewing.  My aunt Cheryl started me on cross stitch at a young age; my mom was clueless about sewing, but bought me a sewing machine when I turned 10 and some lessons to go along with it; I have two mothers-in-law and one taught me to knit and the other helped me hone my sewing skills.  So I have been blessed with lots of good influences!

I started a little shop, Petit Lyons, named after my first child, my little lion.  Now there are two, so I guess it should be mes petits lyons, but we'll stick with easy.  I kept the blog the same way.  I've had pretty good success with the shop - which I would define as selling a few things without feeling overwhelmed keeping up with orders.  I'll never make a living sewing (or at least not the way I want to live!  I have a fabric addiction, come on!), but it makes me happy to think people like the things I make enough to buy them.  It's really a labor of love and I truly enjoy creating for the people I love.  Luckily, little lion #1 loves what I make him.  Little lion #2 just turned 2 and is more in a " I no like that" kind of mindset.

The newest pair of jammies I made them went over well!

So, I've wanted to start a blog for quite some time now and have thought about different ideas for posts and feel like maybe I have enough material to keep it going.  We'll see!  I plan to put lots of pictures of my boys and my projects in here as I am assuming mostly family will read it.  Unfortunately I have a point & shoot camera and am lacking in photography skills.  But, Papa Lyons promised a new DSLR this year, so once we get that and allow for a steep learning curve, the photos should improve. I am also planning to have a bunch of tutorials as well, in an effort to give back to the crafty blogging world which has taught me so much about sewing, given me so much inspiration and so many wonderful tutorials to make things I love.

Hope to see you back here again,



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