Zippered Pouch Tutorial Part Two

Sorry to anyone waiting for this post yesterday, just got a little too crazy!
So, we left off with having all the pieces prepped and ready to sew.

Step 14: You should have just sewn yours quares to the ends of your zipper.  Now lay the exterior front of your pouch flat and put the zipper right side down across the top edge (right sides together) and pin.

Step 15:  Change your sewing machine foot to the zipper foot. Sew along the top edge in 1/4".  Start with the zipper pull slightly open, stop with your needle down and move the zipper pull back up to close it after you get close to it.

Step 16:  Press the seam open.

Step 17.  Now lay the back exterior piece right side down along the top and pin.  Sew the same way as the last piece.

Step 18:  Press that seam open - see you are really making progress!

Step 19: Fold the back panel (on top in the picture above) down over the zipper so the raw edge is now at the top.  Place a lining piece on top with the right side facing down (the pretty side of the lining is now facing the back side of the zipper, with raw edges of exterior, zipper,and  lining all matched up at the top.  Press open.

Step 20:  Now that you have one side of the lining attached, take the exterior fabric that is sticking up at the top and fold it back underneath. Line up your last piece of lining fabric, pretty side down, along the top edge of the zipper and sew 1/4" seam along the zipper.  Press open.

Step 21: Now tuck the interfacing or fusible fleece in place behind the exterior panels. This is why you cut it 1/4" smaller than the exterior pieces - you wouldn't have wanted all that bulk in the zipper seam. Pin in place.

 Step 22:  Topstitch the exterior 1/4" from either side of the zipper making sure to catch the fleece/interfacing.

Step 23:  Ready to sew the whole thing together?  Okay.  Start with you zipper in the middle, exterior pieces (and interfacing) folded down over it right sides together.  Lining pieces folded up over the zipper, also right sides together.  Now pin it all the way around, making sure the corners line up well. Trim off the extra zipper at this time. 

Step 24:  Sew a 1/2" seam starting at about 1" from the center of the bottom of the lining and go all the way around, sides and bottoms of the panels only, until you get to within an inch of the center again - leaving a 2" opening at the bottom of the lining.  DO NOT SEW THE CUT OUT CORNERS. Also, make sure you are stretching the elastic from the pocket to make sure it lines up as you get to the linings side seams.  Sew right across the zipper to keep the side seams continuous from the lining to the exterior fabric.

Step 25:  Box the corners. Pinch them together so that the bottom and side seams match up.  Sew  1/2" seam.  Repeat for all 4 corners.

Step 26:  Turn the whole pouch right side out by feeding it through the hole you left along the bottom of the lining. Yes, really!  It will work, just feed it through slowly.

Step 27:  Admire your pouch!  And if it seems like the elastic pocket is not taut enough go ahead and tack it down by hand stitching in in place about an inch from the side seam on either side.  Also close your hole in the lining by whipstitching by hand or machine stitiching.


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