Quick Change Trousers

So one of my favorite projects, from my favorite book (Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings), is Quick Change Trousers.  I have made at least a half dozen pairs and they are really addictive.  My two year old, Will has a pair similar to the ones I made for our friends's baby boys (how cute are the boys?!).  They are in brown cord with fabrics from Riley Blake's Wheels line (which is getting awfully hard to find, good thing I stocked up).

Anyway, the pattern only goes up to a size 18-24 months.  The pattern is generously sized and they still fit Will if you don't roll up the cuff, but where's the fun in that?  Other than the length they seem to still fit him really well, so I just added a good inch and a half to the length of the pattern. I knew I wanted to use this ultra soft, mini wale, charcoal gray (did I reach my limit for adjectives in one sentence?) corduroy and some cozy Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannel inside. I played around with some new fabric combinations and settled on these.

 Andrew really liked them.  Until I turned them around and he saw the polka dots on the bum.  Oh well, maybe not the most boyish print, but I love some gray and yellow.

They are fully reversible, although I usually just wear them one way all the time.

Hopefully Will will like them as much as his other pairs.  Jack sure did, he wanted me to make him a pair pronto.  I love that he loves handmade items from me.  I think I'll make him a pair sans the yellow polka dots to keep Andrew happy.  And I may add some pockets to make them look a little less baby.

In the meantime Andrew and I have some TV to catch up on, so I have a great hand sewing project:

Turning this charm pack and paper hexies

into these

and eventually into something else.


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