Signs of Spring

Last week I actually was very productive with my sewing.  The Nicey Jane quilt, my hexagon project, and a few other little things that needed to get finished.  One of them was a baby set for an auction at a friend's child's school.  I was perplexed about what to make, as most of my stuff is size specific for children and home decor is so tough to fit into a particular person's style.  So, I decided to make a little baby set.  It makes a nice gift for a shower or newborn.  I did a burp cloth, lovey and little applique onesie in this moda fabric called Hushabye that I've had in my stash for quite a while.  The picture's not great, but it makes a nice little package all tied up with a ribbon.

The little lovey is backed in moda snuggles, which I have found to be the superior minkee-type fabric on the market. I added a petit lyons tag in twill tape with a ribbon (which matches better in natural light).  I dressed up a gerber onesie with a cutout backed in heat n' bond and zig zag stitched down.  Finally, I cut a large rectangle out of the hushabye fabric, folded all the ends under 1/2 an inch and sewed it down the center panel of a gerber burp cloth (require a lot of stretching and ironing to get that thing into anything resembling a rectangle), and added some mini ball fringe.

Most of this weekend has been spent outside with my boys.  The seventy degree weather has my garden very confused.  The cherry tree in our front yard is in bloom and I'm hoping it stays warm enough for a few days to see it in it's full glory.  Last year it started to bloom, then it got cold and it never bloomed fully.

The tulips and daffodils are all coming up, too.  The probably have a better shot at blooming, as long as the buds don't pop up they can take the cold. What they can't take is being trampled upon by the dog and boys.

The boys "helped" me fill up my seed trays to start planting some veggies and flowers indoors.  It's just about 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in NC, so I know I better get started on this project.

Here are my little helpers:


  1. One year my tulips literally bloomed on the ground and then grew to their full height because of the crazy weather! We've been in the garden all week too...put in all our early spring seeds this week and had to build a new bed to accomodate the next round of planting:) I hope it's a good year, but I'm not holding my breath with the random weather we've had recently!

  2. I know - this weather is so crazy. We're moving our raised bed next weekend to a spot that (hopefully) has some more sun.


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