Super Easy Valentine Cookies

You didn't think I could let Valentine's Week go by without a mention of chocolate, did you?  Well I can't.  And what better way to have it than with it's soul mate, peanut butter.  Here's a super easy recipe I made up to put a little twist on the old peanut butter with a kiss on top recipe.

Peanut Butter cookie mix & whatever ingredients they list
1/2 bag of chocolate chips

1.  So go ahead and make the peanut butter cookie dough according to the directions.  I had to show off my new "Love" spatula.  I really needed some new ones & was thrilled Target had a valentine's set!  Anyway, bake them as directed.

2.  As soon as they come out, or let them cool for just a minute so you don't burn your fingers, press your finger into the cookie twice to make a heart shape.

3.  Melt your chocolate chips in a glass measuring cup in the microwave.  I do a minute first, stir and then 30 second increments.  You do not want to burn your chocolate, so stir well in between each 30 seconds.  If most chips are melted, just keep stirring until the other ones do.  Now pour this into a freezer ziploc bag & snip off a tiny corner.

4.  Fill in the hearts with the melted chocolate.  All finished!  I told you that was easy!


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