What I've Been Up To

Getting a bunch of stuff finished that needed to be finished.
Like, a custom order:

Bee Blocks for the do.Good Stitches Bee.  These have gotten me well re-acquainted with my seam ripper.  I'm finding it impossible to get the points to meet in the center like the example in Ashley's tutorial.  I am not sure if I am sending these in or attempting the 4th and 5th try (no, you don't want to see the first attempt).

I also made my aunt a purse.  She requested a new one and I couldn't even remember the one I made her a few years ago, but she likes it to be over the shoulder & small to take to the beach with just the necessities.  Oh, and Lilly Pulitzer fabric, of course!

I've also tried another knitting project.  I always love when I see handmade sweaters, but I've never gotten beyond scarves (and they bore me after about 3 rows). This time I branched out a little bit with some new to me stitches & so far I am enjoying it. It's the washcloth from this book.

I really want to make the cardigan on the book cover, but I guess I'd need more skills and a baby to wear it!

Oh, and we also had some friends in from out of town, so I cooked dinner Saturday night.  Yum, lobster, lemon risotto and roasted brocollini.

I really felt like a slacker, there are so many projects I want to get started on, but I'm a little under the weather and not as energetic as usual, but the pictures are making me feel like I'm doing slightly better than I thought.  Except those bee blocks.  Those are really messing with my sewing mojo.


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