Bucket Hat

Exactly a week ago this little stinker gave me quite a scare.  He did not want to go to swim class, I bribed him with a hershey kiss, he got dressed, I thought we were good.  Next we're getting shoes on, he slips out the door into the garage and I finish with his brother's shoes, grab a towel and don't see him.  I strap his brother into the car, calling for him with no response.  I go inside and still don't get a response.  Start to panic, search everywhere in and around our home (the garage door is closed, but there is a pedestrian door & I worry he went through) and after about ten minutes call my parents, who live around the corner, and arrive in moments.  We are all looking for him.  Nearly half an hour later I happen to see a figure dart across the garage and into the house.  He was hiding behind the easel in our garage with the roll of art paper hanging down and covering his feet (I think, purely by accident).  This is the longest he has ever remained quiet in his life and he has never done anything quite this crazy.  He is quite proud of himself for missing swim lessons.  Not sure why, he liked them last year.  Anyway, why am I telling you this?  After he was finally tucked in last Monday night I immediately sat down on my computer and ordered this:

oliver + s patterns are my absolute favorite.  Everything Liesl makes is properly sized, clearly written, and comes together so professionally you can hardly believe you made it as it starts to take form.  She has been showing snippets of this book over on her blog and I was pretty sure it would be a wise investment.  I was a little worried it might have too many girl things or items that I just wouldn't make. But with book in hand I can tell you I cannot wait to sew almost everything in here!  Plenty of boy projects.  The paperdolls (their clothes are on the book jacket) don't hurt either!

Oh goodness, just realized they are now making patterns for women, Lisette!  Hooray, can't wait to try these.

Last night I finished up an etsy order and was trying to find something fast to sew that I had all the supplies for.  I settled on the reversible bucket hat.  Jack loves bucket hats and so I knew it would be used.  I sewed the size medium, which suggested ages 3-5.  Jack is 4 and it fits great.  I would probably make the same size for his 2 year old brother, as the size below it, small, says ages 12-24 months.

The hardest part of the pattern was sewing the crown of the hat to the sides.  You have to do it twice.  Once for each side.  First go through involved a lot of seam ripping and me swearing never to try this pattern again.  Then I used more pins, and clipped the seam allowance more to get the straight edges around the curve and by the second one I was golden.  Not having time to read through it I was kind of annoyed that the last step involved hand sewing the hat brim.  By that time it was about midnight & I just got in bed and finished it.  It really turned out great, and I think I will be making a few more.  I think I need some madras plaid.  Having finished one, it seems like the will be easy to churn out quickly going forward.

I love how the directions are so clear and the drawings leave no doubt about what you should be doing.

You'll be seeing more projects from this book, no doubt.  I just can't decide what to do next.

Still can't believe that stinker.


  1. He's so cute!!! My copy of the book came a couple of weeks ago, but I've been too swamped to try anything. Cora looked through it the other day and wanted a hat...I guess I'll have to give it a shot:)


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