Single Girl

So, you may have noticed a little button on the right over there about a Single Girl Quilt Along.  Andrew was quite worried about what that meant, but it's really just a fun little virtual quilting support group to tackle a difficult project - Denise Schmidt's Single Girl Quilt.  Difficult because of the curves and difficult (maybe more tedious) because of the 32 unique wedge shapes that make up the circle.

I set out to make a pair of shams to match the Mendocino quilt my mother-in-law gave me.  Currently housed in my guest room and slowly building a Heather Ross fantasy room around it.  Pictures to follow.  Well, the block with a single ring is HUGE and I cut my two sets of shapes with some pieces wrong sides together, so the piece on the top fits in the arc, but the piece on the bottom is the opposite.  I guess I have been doing too much garment making lately.  And my brain is just not working so well post kid's bedtime these days.

Anyway, here is the one ring I completed.  It might be a wall hanging, it might be a baby quilt with a lot of framing, we'll just have to see.  As you can tell by the pictures, I need some more work sewing curves on a quilt.  Far from perfect, but I still like the look of it.  I tend to like quilts with a lot of "white space" kind of like advertising.  Wow, but I can't even imagine the people in this group making king sized quilts!  That would take 20 of these block x 32 pieces per block x 8 background pieces per block =  a lot of cutting!  You can click on that button to see some of the cool quilts people are making.


  1. Looks great! I have 1 block out of 4 completely's exhausting. All my other rings are pieced, I just need to get busy finishing up the blocks...oh and blogging it:)


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