Terrific Towels

Last night I needed to do some mindless sewing, so I decided to tackle some more items for Will's Big Boy Bathroom.  Anything to inspire toilet training, right?

I bought some very inexpensive, brightly colored towels at Target.  These are really no frills, there is nothing on them, just a rectangle of terry with binding around the edges.  Perfect for sprucing up with some of the Riley Blake Wheels fabric I am planning to make his room over in.  These also work great for summer pool towels and summer birthday party gifts!

All I did was decide how tall I wanted the area of trim to be.  I chose 8 inches on the bath towels and 6 inches for the hand towels.

I cut fabric in rectangles measuring 1 inch larger than the rectangle I wanted to cover and turned the edges down 1/2 inch all the way around the fabric and pressed.

Now pin in place and sew 1/4" in all the way around, securing your seam by going back and forth at the end.

 See, a custom set for very little effort or money!  Now I just need to make the other ones, so I have two of each.

Oh, and for the washcloth, I covered the whole square, so for my 14" square washcloth I cut a 15" square and did the same folding under thing.


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