Weekend Working

I am really here, still sewing.  This week I made it a priority to get a lot of little things finished.  I made a bunch of progress, but not really much of anything fun to show you.

I finished the backing and basted my Nicey Jane Colorbricks quilt - so now it is all ready to quilt!

 I also finished this dress:

It's from a Built by Wendy Pattern, Simplicity 3835, in Anna Maria Horner's Lovesme  Lovesmenot in Grape.  This is one of my favorite patterns because of how many different styles of tops and tunics you can make, I'll be doing a pattern review of it soon!

We also did some work getting the garden ready for summer planting.  Unfortunately, the spot we built our raised bed in last year did not end up getting 8 hours of sun.  Sometimes it's hard to tell this when you build it before all the trees have gotten their leaves.  So, for the last year I have been watching our shady backyard trying to determine if there was a spot that got full sun for 8 hours.  We ripped out five bushes under our kitchen bay window and placed the bed there (which required piling all the dirt on a tarp, moving the box and then using a wheelbarrow to put the dirt back in).  Tough day, but it was nice to get a lot accomplished!

Now I am trying to find a reserve of energy to go sew for a few minutes while Andrew is busy studying for his CFA exam.  


  1. I love your dress! I may need to make one just like it!


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