Jack's Sunburst Quilt

Sunburst?  Is that even a word?  Oh, well, we'll go with it.   A while back (like, before Christmas) Jack saw that amazing turqoise Pearl Bracelet fabric (from Lizzy House & Yay! her new line, 1001 Peeps has more colors of pearl bracelet!) and that yellow and white chevron and requested a blanket made with them.  He's got a great eye for color!  Unfortunately he did not want to include any other fabrics and I had about half a yard of each.

So I thought for a while and remembered seeing this picture in Sandi Henderson's Sewing Bits & Pieces:

So I set out to make a version of the Story Time Quilt.  Minus the ruffles, plus a few more circles in multiple sizes.  I liked how I could use some prized fabrics and it kind of has an "eye spy" or "choose your own adventure" quality about it.

I started this quilt in January.  Quickly made the front with the Pearl Bracelet and Kona Snow , added a line of yellow stitching by hand, added batting & backing (Moda Cuddles) and had a quilt sandwich in no time.  Devoted about two days to making the circles.  Sandi referenced Anna Maria Horner for inventing the genius way of making a cardboard circle template, spreading the fabric around it, spraying a lot of starch, covering the whole thing in aluminum foil & ironing it.  Then the perfectly turned under circles are ready to be hand sewn on.  That took me several nights over the course of the past few months (one time with my Mother-in-law working with me while we watched an early Tar Heels tournament game).

I could not decide how to quilt it and then it occurred to me that the yellow and white chevron was kind of in the center and looked quite like a sun.  I drew in the sunburst lines last night.  Andrew was ready to watch tv with me after the boys were in bed, but it was disappearing ink!  So I had to quilt it last night and luckily it took much less than an hour.  I kind of like how it looks on the back:

I was determined to finish and sat down with the embroidery floss to highlight a few circles while we finally watched tv.  Andrew's a good sport!

After I put the boys down for naps today, I decided on the binding.  I used a navy & turqoise fish print from a sheet set I got at Target on clearance last summer.  It's come in very handy for a lot of projects and probably yielded 8 yards of fabric for about $9.99.  I cut up the binding and got the front sewn down before Jack was finished with quiet time in his room (he hardly ever naps now that he's four, but he will read books for about 30-40 minutes).  Then I sat on the couch, hand sewing the back of the binding on while Jack played playmobil firemen and Will took a longer-than-usual nap.  I couldn't believe I actually finished today, and with (a little) daylight still left for a photo shoot!  So here it is, pre-washed.

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  1. This is one of the prettiest quilts I've seen. Really, really beautiful!

  2. I love this! It is so creative.

  3. I LOVE this so much. Seriously. Start preorders, because I totally want one. You just ooze talent, I love it!

  4. it's beautiful!!! i love it!

  5. I think this is one of my favorite quilts I have ever seen!

  6. That quilt is gorgeous! What a lot of work. I keep telling myself I'll make a quilt someday, but I have yet to tackle that goal.

  7. This is so much fun! I love how bright it is. I have a thing for quilts with circles like this. Very nice!

  8. Flippin' awesome! So modern, so cute, so fun!


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