Sewing Room Spruce Up

Do you ever go to Target for dish soap and come out with a car load?  Yep, happens to me all the time.  Well, I have always been a fan of the rubbermaid cubbies that hold those cute little boxes and I am a sucker for anything in miniature scale, so I hesitated for about 4 seconds and threw this trio into the cart.  The base and the 2 mini hot pink cubes.

I knew it would perfect at the end of my sewing/cutting table and I could have a spot to hold needles, bobbins, and other supplies that are usually ON the sewing table and in my way.

After auditioning several boxes/bins on the larger bottom compartment I finally made my own Fat Quarter Bin - tutorial coming tomorrow!

My next step was to build a little dresser for my bobbins and sewing machine gadgets from some jewelry boxes I collected from Boden over the last couple years.  So easy and not a stitch to sew!

I just glued all the boxes together with craft glue:

Then I cut a piece of fabric as if I was gift wrapping the box, and ironed the outside edge in about 1/2".

Next I coated the outsides (not the drawer sides) with craft glue, turned the box upside down, centered it and just wrapped it like a present.

If you want to make one but are lacking in Boden jewelry boxes, you could use oversize match boxes.  I think they sell them in craft stores as they are used in scrapbooking & stuff now.

Now a confession, up until last night I had been using this orange tomato thing as a pin cushion!  Sewing for years and never made myself a pincushion:

Just didn't look right among my girl Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market goodness.  So at 11pm last night I made the wonkiest attempt at a dahlia pincushion ever.  It's from Sandi's book Sewing Bits & Pieces.  I guess curves, late nights and furious determination do not add up to a perfect circle!  Oh well, still an improvement on the orange tomato thing!

So, come back by tomorrow for the Fat Quarter Bin tutorial.


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