Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  I went to sleep away camp.  Seriously.  Our YMCA had a Women's Wellness Weekend up in the NC Mountains and is was even more incredible than I hoped!  I hiked, ziplined, rock climbed, horseback rode, took outdoor zumba and candlelit yoga overlooking a lake and even had some free time to bind my Nicey Jane Colorbrick Quilt in time for Mother's Day for my Mom (pictures coming soon)!

Anyway, I made some bias tape last week.  Homemade bias tape is the best.  It's so much softer than the kind you buy and you can make it in any print you like. I used half a yard of fabric and have a ton leftover.

I needed to make bias tape to make these little holders:

Since bias tape is cut on the bias, it stretches nicely around those round edges.

And what might these cases be for,  you might ask?

For the kindle I got my dad for his birthday, today (with my brother)!  I was really hoping it would come out of the packaging easily so I could make sure I made it the correct size, but I guess we'll just have to hope it fits!  I used some Melody Miller Ruby Star Rising Transistor Radio for his, lined in Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow Herringbone in Lake.  And the other one?  Well, I think I am going to start selling kindle cases in my etsy store, assuming the fit doesn't need too much tweaking.  And I need to add a closure.  Anyway, it is made with Books by David Textiles and lined in Dolce by Tanya Whelan.  The bias tape is made with Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House, which is out of print & getting pretty tough to find. 

Hope he likes his presents, Happy Birthday, Dad!


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