More Bucket Hats

So I stayed up way too late last night making more bucket hats.  It's that hand sewing part at the end that always gets me.  Something about leaving a project so close to be finished.  I just have to finish before I turn in.  So now I am drinking my Flirt energy drink and having a quiet moment writing this while I try to motivate for a QuickFit class at the Y later this afternoon.  QuickFit makes the class sound so easy.  It's not quick or easy.  It's one hour of minute circuits doing crazy stuff like burpees or pushups with weights were you do rows in between or squats with an overhead press.  Anyway, thank goodness for Flirt, I'll be ready to go momentarily.

I digress, the point of this post was bucket hats.  Round Two.  From the Leisl Gibson book, Little Things to Sew.  My first attempt is here.  Second time around was easy peasy.  No seam ripper necessary.  Just started them way too late and got on a roll!

I was inspired to use my Lizzy House red letter day duck prints when I say this one show up in my google reader (love her blog!).   I consulted Jack and he was way excited about a duck hat.  He won't wear it for even a second with the elephant side.  Luckily my topiary makes a good hat stand and I got the picture above.

Here are some pictures of the boys wearing them this morning at our friend's farm.


  1. I love these hats, the ducks are perfect. I need to make one for my little guy.

  2. New follower--Excited to follow your blog :)


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