The Process

My sewing space is a mess right now.  But, it's kind of a pretty mess.  All my favorite fabrics strewn about.

I decided to finally cut into some of my Heather Ross Far, Far Away fabrics I've been hoarding.  After I saw volume III of FFA I decided to stop waiting for future lines and just make a quilt with the first two lines, which are my favorites.  I am going with charm squares, but some pieces will be the size of 2 or 3 squares to allow for towers and beds stacked high with mattresses.  The top portion of the above photo is pieced and below it are the additional fabrics I am auditioning.

This is going to be the blue, gray & orange quilt.  I couldn't quite mix them together, although I know other people have.  I might make a third quilt that is just a crazy mix.  This one is probably going to be charm squares, too.  Or I might frame the blocks, not sure yet.  But this one is on the way back burner.  After all, there are more pressing things:

Three out of twelve ain't bad, but it's not so good. I'm going to buckle down and get it finished next week.  That's the plan.  We'll see if it happens.


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