FWQAL Installment 10

This week I finally got back on track with the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long (thanks mainly to cutting out several squares worth of pieces at the beach).

Here are the four completed blocks:

Up first is [36] Flower Garden Path.  I am not thrilled with the colors in this, but at least most corners matched up. 

Next up is [39] Friendship.  This one I have been seeing in Flickr made up so many great ways.  I was excited to make my own.

Then I made [40] Friendship Block with some Heather Ross vans, fuschia beads and Sandi Henderson Apples.

My last completed block for the week is [41] Friendship Star.  I couldn't resist adding a little something to the center block, it was supposed to be the same as the points of the star.

Finally, here is my miserable failed attempt at [43] Garden Path.  Everything was going along so well until I had to do those Heath Gray pieces.  I think I've been sewing a VERY scant 1/4" seam lately because I'm so worried about the blocks being too small.  Not a problem when you're sewing blocks and rectangles, but get an extra angle in there and there's just not enough fabric on the joining piece.  So the corners and center must be a little too big.  I may just enlarge the gray pieces or cut the corners down a bit.  Any advice is welcome!  Other than that I should have paper pieced this one, I realize that now.  Not trying to hear it now!

Oh, and if you want a really low investment (in time, set-up and materials), high yield art project for your kids, just unfurl a roll of kraft paper.  It was intended for something else entirely, but they had more fun with markers and scissors.  Heck, even the dog liked this project.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Courtney, i jumped on over here from flickr. I love your blocks, sorry about the garden path and thanks for the heads up, but from where i am sitting it looks like a work worth salvaging!
    Where did you get that adorable grey bike fabric?
    Its totally darling...I would love to pick some up. I finally have received my FW Book, although not sure if i can start on this one yet. Space...I have just welcomed a visitor into our house, there goes the spare room! sigh


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