Shaving Cream Art

Yesterday we painted with shaving cream.  I keep reading about how it is the most amazing pre-school art supply on the Artful Parent.  I finally bought a bottle and we were ready to go.

Since it was not a planned out project, I just squirted some on paper plates and let them play with it a little. 

When that got old, I got out watercolor paints and they went to town.  Some day we'll try some paper marbling or some other methods, but that is what worked yesterday.  Sometimes you just have to get it together fast while they are interested!

 Jack (Age 4.5) was really good at painting on top of the shaving cream & really enjoyed it.

Will (age 2.5) had a tougher time, he kept painting through the shaving cream, which got the cream everywhere.  He still had a great time and told me his work was called "pink clouds."

Definitely a fun project that requires very minimal prep work and not much in the way of supplies!  And when we finished they painted watercolors on paper, so it was a two-fer project.


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