KCWC - Day Two

Okay, here's what I worked on for yesterday for Kids Clothing Week Challenge

 Once again, I actually already had the pants pieces cut out for these Quick Change Trousers for Will.  The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's book, Handmade Beginnings.  I have used it many times before, but it only goes up to 24 mos., so I made the pattern a little bigger and longer (a little too big,, actually). They are navy corduroy with AH Entertaining Elephants back panels and lined in AMH Loulouthi x&o's in apple green.

For Jack I made the Treausre Pockets Pants from the Sewing for Boys book.  I used an old pair of jeans that never fit me right and some Alexander Henry Rush Hour fabric.

I guess after sewing the Figgy Patterns Tee for Two, I was thinking these would be along the same lines.  Not quite, this was quite a fancy pattern.  Eleven pieces of fabric!  Faced hems!

Bias-bound elastic pockets!

Luckily Jack loves them.  The name doesn't hurt.  Saying "hey, I made some Treasure Pocket Pants, do you want to wear them?" is enticing, I guess.

After my success with freezer paper stenciling yesterday, I just had to try it again.  This time I tried more intricate designs with more colors.  Of course, very literal interpretations of the fabric from the pants. Not much more complicated, just took a little more patience, and a smaller brush.

Two happy boys!

Are you still in the challenge?  I'm not sure what to make tonight.  I saw these in the flickr pool and I'm wondering if I can figure out my own pattern or if I should buy the book...


  1. two more whole outfits! nice :) very cute.

  2. Oh you have GOT to be kidding me! I just poured over the Sewing for Boys Flickr Group and just had to come visit your blog and check out all your sewing because I loved what I saw so much. I absolutely cannot believe that I stumbled upon a link to MY pants!?! So cool. I'm tickled that you liked them. And yes, I do recommend the book - it's quite smashing really.


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