Morning Roll Up

Sounds like a pilates move, huh?  Well, it's actually the most utilitarian, easy and wonderful thing I've ever sewn!

I pinned this earlier this week.  What a great idea. I am always grossed out by toothbrush holders when I travel.  I feel like no amount of cleaning, air drying, etc keeps everything clean for very long.  This can just be thrown into the wash.  But even better than the travel aspect is the morning aspect.

You see, we're just not morning people around here.  Pre-school starts at 9:30 and we take advantage of every minute leading up to about 9:05.  We stay in jammies, heck in bed even, eat a leisurely breakfast and just take it slow.  When we come downstairs around 8:30 I bring clothes and everything we need.  So we usually brush teeth and comb hair in the kitchen.  Naturally, I don't want to have a toothbrush holder on the kitchen counter, so we've been keeping brushes in a drawer in ziploc bags.  They get icky fast.

Pretty easy.  A cheap washcloth from Target with a cute little monkey in the perfect spot!  A few lines of sewing and a ponytail holder.  Simple and fantastic!


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