Finished Tree Skirt

In the nick of time!  I mentioned yesterday that I had some free time to get this project completed while my husband took the boys to his parents?  Well, Will, my almost 3 year old, jumped off a chair and caught the corner of the coffee table with his forehead.  I had to meet Andrew at urgent care, but luckily they were able to glue it closed and Will was pretty brave, so it was a completely tolerable experience.  When we got home I put the kids in front of the tv for Frosty the Snowman and finally got this project finished.  I know, mom of the year, but, hey, we were getting desperate here!

This tree skirt was inspired by the beautiful baby quilt in the book Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman.  I have some photos of the book and my sketches for the plan of this here, if you're interested in the process.  I basically used the idea of blue sky and snowy ground from the baby quilt and then added all the little winter-y objects and critters from her book.  I just love her style. The only thing on here I actually thought of is the bunting the birds are carrying (I know, how original, no one has ever had a bunting on a quilt, ha!).

I used Lizzy House's Pearl Bracelet fabric in red to bind it.  The snow is Kona snow, of course, and the rest is just scraps of everything.  The back is a sheet from target.  I free motion quilted clouds in the blue part, just like Kajsa's baby quilt, and cursive "L's" in the snowy part. 

We are really in need of a new camera, it only was a 5 year old point and shoot to start with (with an unskilled photographer), but all of a sudden the picture quality has gotten awful.  I have a camera on my list, so hopefully Santa will remedy this situation, in the meantime, sorry for the bad photos.

 I am linking up today at Southern Institute for Creative Me Monday!  Thanks!


  1. well, if it's not one thing, it's another, huh ;) glad your guy is ok! and wow wow wow!! this looks fabulous. design, fabrics, details, quilting, birds w/bunting... love. it. all. awesome!

  2. That tree skirt is gorgeous! I love that book too. Glad your little boy is ok

  3. Love the tree skirt and the bunting and birds are adorable. So sorry your little guy got hurt and glad it was a pretty easy fix. :) Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. lOVE, lOVE THIS!! Great job. That's the coolest tree skirt ever!

  5. Very cute! i am in the middle of our tree skirt. I hope it turns out as pretty as yours.


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