Blogiversary Giveaway Winner (and some little extras)!

Thanks to everyone for giving me some fun comments to read for my Blogiversary post.  Funny, guess I am not the only one in the midst of potty training!  Anyway, I took those comments (41) and the bonus comments from the Farewell 2011 post (13) and punched that into

So, number 15 would really be the 2nd comment on the Blogiversary post, which is:

Congratulations, Kristie - some cool stuff is headed your way!

In other news, I know lots of us have expressed interest in joining some kind of swap during the new year.  I just joined this one:

Once you are paired up, you can agree on swap terms with your partner, so it could go a lot of ways, but you have input!  I'm excited!
Also, I read this blog post today at Fashioned by Meg which is a great resource if you are interested in finding out about more swaps.  I am still looking to join a bee, if anyone hears of something interesting out there!  
Thanks,  Courtney


  1. Awesome! I was just procrastinating on my homework by looking at Ottobre online, then I checked my google reader and saw that I won! Thank you so much! I am super excited.

  2. man, i totally missed it. happy belated blogiversary!!

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  4. I am part of this 4x5 bee on Flickr and have really enjoyed it:

    I also read about this one which is hosted by one of my friends in the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. She is very talented, but I didn't have a partner so I have held off for this round.

  5. Thanks for a great giveaway and congratulations to Kristie!!


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