We had a cool, rainy, gray, long (teacher workday) weekend, which is just perfect for some hand sewing:

 This one is my Alphabet Sampler from Alicia Paulson.  Love, love, love.  Want to finish it, but don't want to have to stop working on it.  Know what I mean?

This is a sneak peak I can show you some more of later...

Getting ready to do some serious "farming."

And we also celebrated the boys' birthdays this weekend.  I made two cakes - a pirate and a pirate ship.  For the first time I used fondant.  I love buttercream & still used it, but it is hard to decorate with.  I made Marshmallow Fondant.  It was very touch and go (Andrew literally left the room when he saw my hands covered in sticky, melted marshmallows), but all of a sudden, I had a nice, pliable fondant.  Very cool to work with.

How was your weekend?  What kind of projects does cold, yucky weather make you want to curl up with?


  1. That embroidery looks beautiful! I've been snuggling under this flannel quilt I'm quilting for baby girl due in march. Handwork is so nice this time of year 'cause you can do it on the couch:)


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