FWQAL Installment 16

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope your day is off to a good start. This is my favorite holiday, but my husband and I don't really do much for it.  I'm not big on getting chocolates or flowers or especially teddy bears, and I'm happy for him to show his love for me in more practical ways, like getting up with the kids when I've had too many Love Martinis the night before.

However, I did go to a ladies brunch this morning that my neighborhood homeowners association put on and my dad showed up with a bouquet of tulips!  He's so sweet and it totally made my week!

Anyway, on to Farmer's Wife Quilt Along:

[70] Prairie Queen: So now that I fear too small blocks, my 1/4" seams are so scant the individual pieces keep ending up to large to fit together properly!  Oh, well - in my opinion, a cute Heather Ross gnome helps detract from that!  With green Anna Maria Horner x&o's and fuschia beads.

 [69] Practical Orchard:  In Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow herringbone in aqua and Amy Butler French Wallpaper in Duck Egg (just a little scrap of this precious fabric left now)!

 [73] Rainbow Flowers:  I found this annoying as it has those little squares in the corners, which could have been all one piece, making it more like a log cabin, oh well!  Fuschia Beads, AB Moon Dots in Orange, Heather Bailey Bijoux and David Textiles Venice.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! xo, Courtney


  1. I totally love the garden gnome. Totally cool. Are you making a full quilt of Gnomes or just one block?

    Make sure you stop by and put your guess in my quilt givaway by guessing my babys B-day or Birth Weight.


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