Improv Curves

I guess before last week I didn't really know what improv curves were, but now I am addicted!
Of course, I'm talking about Curves Camp over at Stitched in Color.  Week Two was improv curves week and I couldn't be happier.  As usual, Rachel gave us three wonderful projects to choose from and I selected this one:

It was supposed to be a mini, but I couldn't resist making a quilted pillow with an invisible zipper.  It matches my tree skirt!  I still need to add a little hand quilting details, but I'm pretty happy with it for now.  I changed the colors up a bit from Rachel's example, and I'm not totally loving the darker turquoise in there or the leafy one, but I'm getting used to it.  Oh, and kind of funny, but the wonky star was the toughest part for me! I kept cutting my triangles too small because I have almost no yellow scraps. Also, the layers of my tree do not look too curvy here, but I got the hang of cutting by the time I got to the snowy hills.

While I was working on these, I was also cutting strips for my Rainbow Blocks for do. Good Stitches and seeing all those rainbow scraps just got me inspired.

So before I knew it, I had a little zippie pouch, which is good.  I really need one for my hexies.

I think I'm getting the hang of these improv curves and you are probably going to see lots more! 


  1. I love the rainbow zip pouch. Very colorful and fun. Nice work.

  2. I like the dark blue in the tree background. It reminded me of an iced over pond. Perfect for skating.

  3. your pillow turned out great and I love your pouch! those are some great curves!

  4. I love those curves :( I can't figure out how to do it!



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