CMQG Pin Cushion Swap

I have to miss the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild Meeting tonight.  Unfortunately, it was our big reveal for the pin cushion swap.  So, this post is for the benefit of Melissa, so sorry this will be a bit late!

I didn't see a mosaic board for you, but based on your recent Curves Camp project it seems like you are into orange and aqua (I sure hope those weren't for someone else!).  

I decided to use the pattern for a pin cushion caddy from Anna Maria Horner's book, Seams to Me.

This is my first attempt at this pattern, I think next time I would probably use something different for interfacing, but it still functions well. You can put scissors, thread, seam ripper, etc. in the center and, of course, pins on the outside. Melissa, I hope you will have fun with it!


  1. Courtney,
    That is great and I have been wanting to try that pattern. I'll have to get your feedback on any changes to make. I know Melissa will love it.

    Karen E.

    1. Wow!! I love it! It is so gorgeous! Thank you very, very much! :). I am really overjoyed... This is so awesome....thank you, Courtney

  2. Love the colors and the cushion...I have been wanting to try that pattern out...maybe now you can give me any pointers. :)

  3. I love this, wish it were for me, great job!

  4. I love this, wish it were for me, great job!

  5. So cute and a great execution! Great job Courtney!


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