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Hello there!  I know, it has been a while.  I think it is just the lovely spring weather that makes it tough to do anything indoors.  I have been sewing a bit, mostly for swaps and things that I can't show quite yet.

Have you seen the New York Beauty Quilt along?  I felt like after Curves Camp I had to give this a try.  Plus, I love foundation paper piecing and have not used this method in quite a while.  This is a mini quilt made entirely of scraps from Block 0, tutorial here.

This is the most basic block, and I have to say, this left me wanting to try some more.  I was so careful with my corner pieces after my experience last time, and they went together perfectly this time.  I was hoping I could get 4 out of my scrap of Kona Ash, but I ended up having to use a piece of pink Kona for the 4th.  The one problem I had with this quilt was that I didn't do such a careful job of piecing the center circle, in Hometown News from Sweetwater.  I decided to just trim the blocks instead of getting out the seam ripper.  While that is totally fine for a Drunkard's Path path block, I forgot how this would affect the points that radiate out from the center.  So, things are a bit off, and now I know.  Lesson learned.

I tried hand quilting and loved that too.  It does make for a really soft quilt.  The next quilt I finish is going to be hand quilted!

Although I didn't plan it, I can link up to Rachel's Scrap Attack!  I am still hoping to make a quilt top from these blocks, but I am running out of time!

Scrap Attack Quilt-Along

I have to share one photo from my garden.  I finally have a few alliums and they are spectacular!  I love how it is made up of hundreds of tiny purple flowers.


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