I'm at 'from blank pages' Today & Garden Update

Hi! Today I am guest posting about Covert Robin over at from blank pages, come visit me there.  And don't forget to link up if you participated in the swap.  You could win some great prizes, like a fat eight pezzy bundle from me.  Here's a peak at what I made my partner:

I thought I would do a garden update today.

The azaleas are in bloom all around our house.  I probably would not have picked red, if I had planted these, but they do look striking.

My mom noted the creeping jenny would be a nice contrast to all that red and dark green, so I have a few clumps started.  I hope it takes off.

Hostas have also popped up all around the house, too.  Remember how I wanted to line our natural area in hostas?  I really wanted this bright green variety, either limelight or guacamole.  However, some variegated ones popped up in a spot that had too much sun, so I thought I would divide them and see how far I could go.

With just three overcrowded plants, I managed to get most of the way around the yard.  I saved a bundle, too!  Andrew loved hearing that.  He got home and was afraid I bought about 50 hosta plants.

I have been lucky to have my snapdragons come back year after year.  That is creeping jenny in the foreground. I've been digging that up and spreading the love around the yard too.  I love dividing plants!  Budget friendly gardening!


  1. lucky partner! i love that good folks fabric! my partner should have received her gift today and i can't wait to hear what she thinks about it.

  2. Beautiful garden! I try to plant a couple of plants each year. I don't have the greatest green thumb, but I'm trying. Maybe one day mine will look as nice and manicured as yours!


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