Pretty {little} Pouch Swap -Complete!

Well, I finally finished up my zippy bag for Pretty {little} Pouch Swap last night.  I sure hope my partner likes it!  She told me she likes the Flea Market Fancy fabric line and she seems to enjoy birds so this is what I came up with:

and the back:

Then I started seeing all these fancy zipper pulls in the flickr group, so I went old-school with a friendship bracelet style one:

My partner could always cut it off, I'm just happy I installed my zipper well.  I certainly have done these enough times, but sometimes you just never know...

I made a little journal cover with lots more Flea Market Fancy and an appliqued bird.  I still have to tuck in a few more little things and then it is off to the post office.

I am trying to get all my work-in-progresses finished up because I am so excited to start the Patchwork Prism Quilt-a-long.  Next up to finish is my Tova tunic.  I am trying to decide if the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge will put me over the edge.  I do have some new shorts patterns and fabrics, so I may have to participate a little!

So, tell me:  what sew-a-longs, quilt-a-longs or projects are you in the midst of?  I'd love to hear.  Or am I the only that wants to sign up for everything I see, only to realize it would take the rest of my life to finish what I would like to attempt to make in one season?


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