Zakka Quilt Block

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This weekend I finished my Zakka Block Quilt!  My first entry into Zakka Style Sew Along, but certainly not my last.  It seems most of the projects I want to make are towards the end of the book, and sew along.

I used free motion quilting on this one and it was probably my best experience with FMQ.  Not perfect, but my stitch length is getting more regular.  I did the design, I've always called it "cursive L's", free hand as I went, along each row.  I feel like I just saw a post where someone had a real name for this design, but I can't remember.

I used Kona Ash as the background and binding and built my assortment of blocks around the Sarah Jane Children at Play line.  It was fun to find some nice coordinates in my stash, one bonus of a growing stash, right?

The back is a large piece of the hopscotch print and the flowers, both in lavender with Kona Ash in between and down the side.  Not the design in the book, but one which I worked around what fabric I had left.

This little dress on the back might be my favorite part.  It is at the intersection of the two Ash strips on the back.

The little baby girl is due next week!  I hope she likes her quilt!

In other news, this came in the mail this weekend.  I was so excited and I couldn't even think who it could be from.  I think I skipped up the hill after retrieving the mail, positively giddy to open it. Turns out it was the ribbon I ordered from Piggy&Dirt on etsy after I saw the amazing things Katy Dill did with them in this post (looking at this picture I have no idea how I even got it, as my street name is not on the label - I guess the postman figured a package that pretty was worth some investigating to find the recipient).  The ribbon is really lovely, some of the softest and best quality I have ever seen.  Her parents have an amazing thing going on etsy.  Now I am just trying to figure out what else I can order so I can get a package like that in the mail again soon!

I hope you all are having a great week! xo, Courtney


  1. This is so beautiful! Love the pink and orange with the ash, and your quilting is wonderful.

  2. Such a cute quilt. Isn't real mail so exciting! Especially when it looks so colorful and artful.

  3. Nice, I like this color combination.

  4. What a lovely fresh quilt! I am sure the little girl will like her quilt!

  5. I love your version of this project! Great colors...they keep the linen from being drab.


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