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Have you seen the BabbaBox yet?  As soon as I spotted one, I knew that this would be something my boys and I would love.  I jumped at the chance to try one out in exchange for writing a review of it and giving all of you a coupon code.  When my box arrived I was so excited to see the amazing contents.

I noticed right away that the contents were packaged by activity and really did include everything you need to make the projects.  My kids instantly grabbed the book and we have read it about one hundred times in the week since the box arrived.  Very humorous, but it also teaches a great lesson about healthy choices.  This month's box was all about healthy eating.


Of course when something this exciting arrives, the kids will want to dig right in.  This is the great part about having all of the supplies you need right in the box.  No hunting for safety scissors, no trying to find glue that isn't dried up.  You are ready to go!

The first activity we tried is the food group place mat.   I traced the dish and cup from the template provided and Jack got to work.  He definitely understood the point about having a balanced meal and has made several comments at meals since then.  So, despite getting off on a ninja turtle tanget in creating the placemat, the message did sink in!

Our next activity is the shopping list.  You can see in the photo above that, again, everything you need is here along with very clear directions.  I did notice that if you go to the babbaco website there are alternate directions which might be helpful for children with special needs.

Jack really enjoyed cutting everything out on his own and sorting the food into groups.  I realized that even thought we do a good job with balanced meals, the kids did not necessarily understand the whole food group thing.   Now they do.  We even used this list at the grocery store this week and it was really cool.  They helped me make the list before we went and having something to do while shopping cut down on some of the bickering in the cart I usually have with two boys crammed in.

You can't have a healthy food box without a little cooking time and we found a very cool set of green nesting measuring cups along with some recipes in our box.

I am sure we will try the recipes provided a little later, but for today Will could not be talked out of Banana Wheat Germ Muffins.  We make these at least once a week and the kids are obsessed. 

While they muffins baked I set up a dish washing station for Will to clean his measuring cups and spoons.  Never underestimate the entertainment value of soap and water!   Cooking together was the perfect activity while Jack was at kindergarten today.

So my review of the box is pretty glowing.  I love that everything is included so you can get started right away.  I love that it is entertaining and educational.  Clearly the book is a huge hit in our house, and there really was something everyone could participate in.  My boys are 3 and 5, but I am certain that children older and younger would be able to get a lot of it also.  Plus, you just can't beat getting a surprise like this in the mail.

So here is the code I promised: MPLTRIAL
 With it you can enjoy a free trial box when signing up for a monthly, annual or back to school membership!  You only have to pay $2.99 for shipping and handling! 

My advice: tell the grandparents about it for the holidays & birthdays!  Am I the only mom that dreads the deluge of  toys that inevitably happens every year?  Imagine if instead those were carefully selected activities and books that arrive in a cool box every month!  Pure bliss!  Of course, you could just get it for yourself to have something fun to do with your kids each month, and then you don't have to wait for a special occasion! 


  1. Very cool idea. I had not heard about this. Thanks for the review Courtney!

  2. Sounds very interesting. Being an Aunty and a teacher, and knowing how many toys my nieces have, I am always looking for something differeint. I wonder if this can be delivered to Australia?

  3. Cool but sounds a little old for my guy right now. We really like the kiwi crates-- have you seen those?


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