Hello, and Happy Sunday!  I have just returned home from a few days at the beach with my parents and my boys.  This is always the perfect place for a handstitching project and I have had an idea floating around in my head for the Borderline Brilliant Contest over at Prudent Baby.

Borderline Brilliant Contest

I knew I wanted to write the word in white with french knots and make some kind of floral or leafy frame in a pale green.  It evolved into lillies of the valley at some point during the actual stitching.  Thank goodness I drew it with my favorite pens which erase with a hot iron, the Pilot Frixion.  That was pretty much my design process - doodling and erasing.  So it is not perfectly symmetrical, but that's okay, I was looking for a little bit of imperfection!

Is the white bow too much?  I realize now I should have used twill tape instead of satin, so I think I am going to switch it out.

I'm also going to link up to Katie's Handmade Parade today.  I just love all the handmade loveliness in her links!

I hope you are enjoying every last minute of the weekend! xoxox, Courtney


  1. Adorable Courtney! Hope y'all had fun at the beach.

  2. Beautiful job, Courtney! I love the colours, and of course, I love the knots!!

  3. It's beautiful! I like the bow, but would be interested to see the twill tape bow:)

  4. Courtney, I love it! Exactly as it is!


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