Japanese Colorbricks

You may remember that my friend, Rebecca, asked me to make her a quilt using the lovely handkerchiefs that she collected when she spent a year teaching in Japan.  We looked through lots of quilt ideas this summer and she ultimately selected Rachel's Colorbricks pattern.  Having already made a Colorbricks quilt (in Nicey Jane here), I was relieved as I knew I probably wouldn't mess up any of her irreplaceable fabrics trying something new or complicated!

Japanese Colorbricks

I finished the binding last night and had to do a quick photo shoot.  It is way too bright outside for pictures, but I'm not complaining at all!

I sashed it with Kona Ash, which is funny because that is what I used the first time around as well, but the soft gray looked so nice against her fabrics.

This is one of the first times I got to quilt with my walking foot, and it sure does make things easier!
I must have cut into some of the Kona Ash I bought for this project as I didn't have quite enough to back it entirely in it.  A little Lizzy House purple (from Hello Pilgrim? I think) and a strip of some leftover pieces of her fabrics finished it off.


I am holding my breath now, because this is in the wash, on cold, gentle cycle.  I have no idea what most of these fabrics are made of, but they don't feel like anything close to quilting cotton.  I am especially worried about the pink guazy fabric above, but they do have a layer of lightweight fusible interfacing on the backs of those bricks.  Cross your fingers for me!

Rebecca will get her quilt the day after Thanksgiving.  The friday after Thanksgiving is always "ThanksBash" with my husband's childhood friends.  They started this tradition while we were in college and Andrew & I have played host for the last few years.  It's a great time to see everyone since most of his friends have scattered around the country but usually come home for Thanksgiving.   His friend Shara will not be making it as she now lives in Tel Aviv and has a newborn baby boy.  For the last few days she has dealt with missiles coming in within a few blocks of her apartment (can you imagine this on top of the normal newborn worrying?).  Please keep her and everyone affected by the attacks in your thoughts and prayers.  Thanks,
xo, Courtney


  1. I was just thinking about y'all's friends in Tel Aviv this morning as I was listening to the reports on NPR. I'll definitely be thinking about her. Will we see you guys on Wednesday?

  2. Oh, fingers crossed!! it's beautiful! i will keep your friend Shara and her family in my thoughts...that must be so difficult, I can not even imagine.

  3. What a lovely keepsake you've made your friend! The fabrics are adorable... she'll love this quilt.

    I cannot imagine having to worry about missiles near my home while stressing about a newborn. I hope your friend stays safe.

  4. Good call on using the interfacing! It turned out so nicely. Thanks for sharing!


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