Quiltcon Linky - 5 Things About Me

Well, I have delayed this post long enough waiting for a good photo of myself to magically appear.  First I was going to wait for a day when I actually got dressed in something other than workout clothes and did my hair.  I kept forgetting on those days to actually take a picture, so this morning I just decided to do it. Self portrait with bad hair, sweats and my normal un-photogenic self with the added bonus of preggo face pudge!  Probably more fitting as this will probably be how I look there anyway, although I do hope to break out of the ponytail rut for a few days!

Aside from the photo nonsense, I am so excited to be going to Quiltcon in Austin next week!  I am flying out Thursday morning and staying until Saturday night.  I am taking Anna Maria Horner's class, Every Last Stitch, on Thursday, Mini Quilts with Lizzy House on Friday and Textile Printing with Lotta Jansdotter on Saturday morning. 

****If anyone is interested, I signed up for Playing with Sheer Fabrics with Yoskiko Jinzenji on Sunday from 9-12 and I am happy to give you my spot.  I think you just have to pay a $50 transfer fee (it is a $75 class, so I know it doesn't end up being much of a discount).  I was just not able to coordinate flights/hotels/childcare to stay for that one.  Just let me know...

Okay, now on to the Quiltcon Linky Party!  Here are five things you probably don't know about me.

1.   My mother can't sew and neither could either grandmother!  They all think I am kind of crazy for even wanting to.  Growing up, if a button fell off of something in our household my dad sewed it back on.  We did have a 70's mod fabulous sewing box with random buttons and hotel sewing kits.  I used to raid it constantly to try to sew things for my dolls.  Then I would steal cotton balls from my mom's vanity to use as stuffing.  I also used the hotel freebie shoe polishing mitts as fabric.  Luckily, I did have an aunt, Cheryl, that sewed and she set me up with all kinds of cross stitching goodness.

2.  I have an awful singing voice but I refuse to let that hold me back, as I enjoy singing so much.  I do feel shame when I get caught singing in the grocery store.  I am usually in an aisle by myself, Rick Astley (or something equally awful/good) comes on and I am belting it out, but turn a corner and run into someone mid note.

3.  My biggest fear with (almost) three boys is that they will all move away when they grow up and their wives won't like me and I'll never get to see my grandkids!  Is this crazy?  I know that you are not any safer from this fate with a daughter, but as a daughter with her parents in the same neighborhood, who always spend time with their grandsons, I kind of always thought I would have the same setup later in life.  I love, love, love my boys and everything about them and that raising boys entails, so don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am!

4.  I used to be painfully shy and then I just decided around college that you have a lot more fun if you speak up and fake confidence, because that is what most everyone else is doing anyway.  So I still have that initial panicky thing when I go somewhere I don't know people well, but I just make myself get over it.  If you meet me, you'll probably laugh at this, because once I meet you I don't shut up.

5.  My husband and I went to the same high school.  Although he is only a grade older, and we have a lot of mutual friends from high school, we never meant until we were in college at UNC.  We were out to dinner with our families one night over a fall break and he noticed me across the room.  He sent the waiter (who happened to go to our high school, too - and who we both knew just a little) over to see if I was dating anyone.  Of course I thought our waiter was hitting on me.   Andrew never talked to me at dinner, but called me later that evening.  Naturally, my dad answered the phone and then yelled upstairs "Court, it's a boy."  Oh, thanks, Dad,  I am so cool.  Luckily, that probably put nervous Andrew a little more at ease.

We've been together ever since that conversation.  That was in 1997.  He is actually coming to Quiltcon with me next week.  We have been to Austin once before for a UNC/UT football game and his food memories were too strong to resist.  He'll probably just be working remotely and checking out the town, but you might just see him around, too.  He has three sisters, and so is totally comfortable hanging out with the ladies.  In college, he would give dating advice to all of my girlfriends for hours on end.

So, that is me in a nutshell.  Although you'll probably recognize me as being the pregnant one.  Not sure there will be many other third trimester preggos there to confuse me with!   Although I am excited that Anna Maria Horner is also expecting, at least that will be something we have in common to talk about as I will most likely be too starstruck to speak during her class!

Can't wait to meet some of you next week and share how it went with the rest of you!
xo, Courtney


  1. Girl...you had better remember every little thing about this adventure of yours and tell us!! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Hi Courtney! I'm happy to meet you. Although I am older, actually quite a bit older, reading your list of five things makes me realize how much we have in common. I, too, was painfully shy, even through the first couple of years of my working career (didn't go to college). I, too, didn't have a mother or sister that sewed, but I begged my grandmother to show me how to hem a dress I wanted to wear, then the rest was history--I made doll clothes out of socks. I could go on but this is your page and, oh, before I do go, my husband is coming too and grew up with two sisters so he's very comfortable being with the ladies. I'll stop now. Anyway - I hope to meet you in person at QuiltCon!

    Denise @ projectniniquilts.blogspot.com

  3. Aw fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Yay, Courtney, I finally get to meet you! Funny it'll be in TX when Raleigh is just a quick drive to Charlotte:). I meant to work on my blog post for the Quilt Con link party, but got tied up reading others. I'm off to do it now! See you soon!

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  6. Thank you for introducing more about yourself! We have some similarities too. I live close to my parents who adore their grandkids and my husband, so i hope I get to see my grandkids often too. I have a daughter 9 and two sons 6 and nearly 4 but have never thought of them marrying people who wouldn't like me! eeeek! They love me sooo much now, hahahaha, mum mum mum is all I hear. I started seeing my husband at the end of 95 which was my first year of uni, so we're a similar age I'm guessing. Your photo is fine. You don't appear all puffy! I only get out of tracksuits now coz I work 4 days a week, but I still wear a ponytail most days. I just don't have time to straighten and style my hair each morning! Oh I live in Australia and have never been overseas, but I love reading blog posts about where people live and what they are up to, as well as the quilt stuff. Have a great time at QuiltCon!

  7. You are a very pretty young lady. And your children are following the same path. Your husband is lucky to have you. Have a great time away.

  8. i am sooooo looking forward to getting to meet you (and I will do my best to refrain from rubbing your baby belly and talking babies incessantly). we are going to have SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!

  9. Ps- i have that same fear about my son too... but boys always have a special love for their mamas so let's hope that keeps them somewhat close!

  10. SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess there's always next year...

  11. I'm sooooo jealous too! You look beautiful pony tail and all :)
    Can't wait to hear all about quiltcon!

  12. Hi Courtney,
    I'm obviously not going to be at the Quiltcon, but I had to comment on this post anyway! Your comment about your fear of your boys moving away and your daughters-in-law not liking you rang so true for me!! I worry about the same thing. But as a Daughter-in-law who has a less than ideal relationship with her MIL, I can tell you that you won't have that problem! Just be supportive of your boys and the choices they make regarding their mate, and be yourself, and your daughters in law will love you! (At least that's what I tell myself when I worry about the same thing! :)

  13. Ok...so we must coordinate to hang out next weekend! I am leaving Thursday morning and coming back Sunday too...plus I will be in AMH's class with you. If your hubby doesn't tag along sometime...maybe we can be buddies? :)


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