Covert Robin Swap Goodies

Have you gotten your Covert Robin package yet?  If you do make sure you link up here

I got my amazing package in the mail from Cassie at Elegantitus.  If you haven't seen her blog, your really need to check it out!  In addition to her mad sewing skills, she is also awesome at graphic design.  I have been toying with the idea of doing a project life style scrapbook, and just look at her cool free download for PL travel pages.

I was so excited to be the recipient of such an amazing display of Cassie's talents with this Presidents Are Rad boardbook.  If you want to see the rest of the pages, she has them all photographed in her post about the book.

Cassie thought this would be a great gift for me as well as my (soon to be) trio of boys, but I don't think she even knew that I love politics and history, so this suits me really well.  I thought I had taken some pretty in-depth college level American history classes, but I even learned a few new things from her book!  

Plus, I love the layout.  It is so modern, fresh and colorful for a book about what some would consider a rather dull topic (not me - I am always a fan of fact is more interesting than ficiton, especially in the history department!).  

Now, on to my portion of the swap.  I was a bit intimidated to find out I would be making something for Jane of Buzzmills! Aack, I mean she is constantly whipping out these amazing ensembles for her darling kids to wear, doing amazing art activities with them and looking like she does it all with ease and grace and a whole lot of fun!  On top of that she made her partner the most amazing pillow ever for the Covert Robin swap last year!

Finally, inspiration struck when I realized she had pinned the Noodlehead Divided Basket pattern, but so far had not appeared to make one for herself yet.  So I made a little basket around a fun linen/cotton bird print from Valori Wells' Jenaveve collection that I couldn't resist buying, as I was pretty sure Jane likes birds as much, maybe more, than I do.

image courtesy of Jane, Buzzmills
image courtesy of Jane, Buzzmills

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures before I sent it off (with a bit of bunny print pink Yuwa fabric I also thought was up Jane's alley).  Luckily, Jane shared some of her pictures with me!

I hope your swap was as successful, and don't forget to link up!


  1. Gorgeous basket, I am sure she loved it.

  2. The fabrics you chose for the basket are fabulous! She's a lucky lady!


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