Circle 7: Rounds I and II

Happy Sunday!  I'm so happy to be posting (and sewing!).  I have been able to squeeze just a little sewing time in now that the baby is letting me sleep a bit more, so hopefully this will be a regular thing again.  You can also follow me on Instagram (online here, if you don't have a smart phone) if you want to see more sewing (and lots of baby pictures!).  I've been catching up on the traveling quilt bee, Circle 7.

For Round 1 I received Amy's starter blocks for her beautiful pink and orange postage stamp quilt.

Can you tell I loved pulling fabrics for this one?  She used Rita's tutorial and I kept going with three more blocks for Amy.  She mentioned that she wanted white sashing, but I did not tackle the sashing as I was off to a late start already.  I did set the blocks up on white fabric to see how it would look.  I think it is going to be incredible! Unfortunately I only got cell phone pics of her quilt as I was in such a hurry to get to the post office and not be any later!

For Round II I got Susannah Kate's starter block and the block Amy made from Round I.  Here is her inspiration board. She mentioned in her journal that she liked stripes, but didn't want to  stifle anyone's creativity so was open to stars or paper piecing.  I immediately knew I wanted to make a star using one of the Lucky Stars BOM templates.  

Luckily, Susannah Kate seemed to like the preview on instagram, so I decided to try to put some of the blocks together (the first two blocks had not been joined).

In the photo above you can see Susannah Kate's starter block on the left (made up of 4 smaller pieces) and Amy's on the right.  I love her low volume color scheme with pops of coral, mustard and icy blue.

I added some log cabin style borders to my star since it was smaller than the other blocks.  Feeling a little nervous about my block looking out of place, I decided to follow the lead of the starter to finish out this row.  

Now Susannah Kate has one big 32ish" square and I will be able to mail it to Jennifer on time!

Susannah Kate's Quilt

Speaking of Jennifer, did you see the amazing additions she made to my Circle 7 quilt?

spools block for courtney's #circle7 traveling quilt bee 
photo credit: Jennifer Mathis, Ellison Lane Quilts

Aren't those spools amazing?!?!?  I am in love.  Oh, and there's a sewing machine to go with them!  This bee was not the best timing with the new baby, but I am so glad I did not pass up the opportunity to be a part of it!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! xo, Courtney


  1. I'm loving that star ; ) So beautiful!

  2. I love what you added to these quilts! (And enjoyed seeing your blocks for Amy in person this past weekend-we missed you at the sewing time!). I too am so glad to be a part of this bee-I'm loving the creativity!


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