Circle 7 {Round 3}

For Round Three of our Circle 7 Travelling Quilt Bee, I got a chance to work on Dana's quilt. Dana took a big trip out west this summer and wanted her quilt to commemorate all of the fun they would have hiking and camping and seeing Yosemite.

Dana's Quilt

Dana started with the cute tent block and Susannah Kate added the fox, feather and cool borders.  Then Amy added the awesome campfire and lantern portion.  I knew I wanted to make the quilt a little wider and I had this vision of arrows to help fill the tall space.  I figured I could make up a pattern for those, so I bought this bear block on craftsy and decided to start with the more straight forward block before getting all creative!

Bear Block

I had some of the Indian Summer fabric that Dana used in her tent block background and also some of the orange arrow fabric (cloud 9, maybe?) that Amy had used, so I was happy to add those in.  The bear is a 5.5" block which made for some itty bitty pieces.  I probably should have enlarged it a bit to make the sewing easier, but he came out just fine!


My arrows were challenging, but after a lot of trimming and some fun with the seam ripper, I finally got everything to line up (ish)!

My Additions

Then I framed everything in Joel Dewberry navy herringbone from the Modern Meadow collection and added a block of the Indian Summer Menagerie print.  My final touch was a strip of the orange print from Full Moon Lagoon.  I had wanted to mimic some of Susannah Kate's triangle borders, but it was starting to look really busy, so I thought I better stop!

Camping Quilt

I sure hope Dana likes it!


  1. This is so cool! A few of my friends are talking about doing a swap like this and now I have great inspiration.

  2. Absolutely fabulous! I love that bear and those arrows -- perfection!

  3. Like it doesn't even come close!! I adore this and can't believe that it's going to be mine!!!! The bear and the arrows are perfection. Thank you sooooooo much Courtney!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful quilt and done with such precision. The paper pieced blocks are just so cute! As I can see from the message above Dana is already loving this!

  5. What a great quilt and so special. Love your bear....

  6. Adorable! So unique.

  7. Oh this is so exciting! You all have such wonderful taste that it looks like just one person designed it!

  8. This is so pretty... I can't believe it's a round robin quilt actually! Wonderfully done.

  9. I think this quilt is so cool. I'm not usually keen on paper pieced patterns but I really like this one.

  10. Omg my boyfriend would love this, I have to show him! Amazing work <3


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