Circle 7 {Round 5}

Another month has passed and another Circle 7 quilt has come to my home and left a little bigger!  I'm a little late on the post, but I did get it finished and (almost) mailed on time.

When Valerie's quilt came my way it had three separate sections.  Val made the bottom right with the word 'smile' the pinwheels and star.  The bottom left was made by Dana (the home) and Susannah Kate (the books).  The 'bee happy' section in the top left was made by Amy.  Valerie wanted this quilt to be about words and various patchwork blocks. 


I thought for a while and decided 'dream' was appropriate for a quilt! I used a navy pin dot for the letters (which I paper pieced from Diane's pattern) with a Lizzy House constellations background and Madrona Road frame. I enlarged the alphabet pattern 150% because it seemed to small compared to the others, but that might have been a bit big.  I seem to have a hard time visualizing the finished size of words made up from pieced letters!  I added some more pinwheel blocks to try to carry on an element from Valerie's portion and made a big paper pieced star using the Lucky Stars BOM from August, which I chose because of the center pinwheel.


I chose not to join these blocks because I was kind of nervous.  Not sure why.  I didn't know if they needed some sashing between them to make it a little bigger or if I should just join them without it.  Just two stops left for each of our quilts, so I guess one of the remaining girls will figure it out!

Circle 7 Bee | Courtney's Quilt
photo from Lindsey at LRStitched

 I had to share a little peek of my favorite things quilt!  The bottom portion is my starter block and Jennifer added the sewing machine and spools.  Lindsey added the mason jar and the eyeglasses.  Since this picture was taken, Valerie had a turn and added a little coffee pot next to my mugs and some economy squares with really great fabrics.  Every time I see a picture of any of our quilts pop up on instagram or flickr I am just so excited it is absurd!  I am waiting to get my hands on Lindsey's kitchen themed quilt next - I have some fun ideas!

I have to add in one more cute picture.  These two little fawns were in our front yard last week.  We have woods behind our house and get deer back there a lot, but never on our cul-de-sac.  They must have heard we have lots of kids playing there after school and wanted to join in on the fun!

Have an awesome week!!! xo, Courtney


  1. Courtney! You already know how much I LOVE what you created for my quilt. I love the word you chose and the star! Amazing! And the special touches of the pinwheels, and the fabric selection-I truly love it all:). I too am giddy whenever I see one of our quilts from this group and have so enjoyed the process of this bee. Thank you again so much. And I will get what I added to your quilt up on Flickr soon!

  2. I seriously 'eep' out loud when I see each of these quilts grow. I love them so much. It's blowing my mind!! Can't wait to get my hands on Val's!

  3. These paper pieced blocks are so sweet, fun and creative! Just love them!


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