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Two items to share today, one completely selfish and one not so much,  we'll call it mutually beneficial.

First, the selfish.  My hubby has been out of town all week.  So that meant the three days that the older kids were out of school for snow I was on my own.  I did a lot of laundry and a lot of dryer-only loads of mittens, hats and scraves.  We had a blast, but I ended each day in a state of exhaustion.  I had big plans to sew in the evenings while he was gone, but instead I let the big boys stay up and watch the Winter Olympics with me since we didn't have to worry about early school mornings. Side note - I LOVE the Olympics and this year with the patchwork and matroyshka dolls, I am just smitten (I choose to ignore the politics and focus on the athletes and regular people coming together in peace) and I am so planning a project with those diamond rainbow patchwork panels! It was definitely a fun week, but I was itching to sew.  Today, my in-laws took the big boys to go get heart shaped donuts and hang out for a while during the baby's afternoon nap and wouldn't you know, the stars aligned and he actually took the nap.

I knew exactly what I wanted to sew.  I had seen this adorable valentine's pouch on IG and had to make a copy.  Perfect for the coupons I never seem to bring into the store and the frequent customer cards crowding my wallet.

I loved cutting all of those pink squares and I used my glue basting tips finally!  I think I'm converted!

My valentine is finally home from New York and putting the boys to bed.  When he woke up this morning he found his flight home was cancelled.  When he called the number for USAir, they just hung up, so he went to LaGuardia and was told "we can get you on a flight Tuesday."  So he kept trying to talk to different people and wound up on a flight to DC this afternoon, thinking he would have to drive a rental car home.  He got lucky and got a flight to Charlotte on standby.  He landed on time and then when he got to his car it wouldn't start.  Volvo-on-call told him 11:30pm was the earliest they could get to him.  A nice man with the airport parking deck spent 45 minutes trying to get his car jumped and they finally got it.  So I'm extra happy to be with my Valentine tonight.  After 15+ years of valentines with him, I don't need candy or flowers, I just want to watch the Olympics next to him and maybe make some popcorn!

Okay, if you're still with me, thanks for that!  Second item of business, the mutually beneficial one, is a favor for a friend!  Rachael, the amazingness behind Imagine Gnats has started an Indiegogo campaign to get her patterns on to paper!

You know I love her patterns, from the Meridian Cardi to the Bess Dress and all the sweet ones for little girls, too.  You have a chance to fund her dream and you can get her awesome patterns just by donating (as low as $10 if you get in quickly).  There are many options and every dollar adds up, so please consider  donating (HERE!).  If you donate a bit more, you can even get shop credit as a perk, that's what I did - I love her fabrics!

image credit: Rachael, Imagine Gnats

If you donate (or already have) and leave a comment here, I will pick one winner to receive an awesome selection of charm squares from my fabric collection.  No idea how many or what yet, but don't worry, I'll take care of you : )  Let's just do honor system here.  Tell me "I donated" and make sure I've got your email address somehow. 

thanks for reading!  Extra hugs and kisses for today, I love my readers and stitchy friends! xxxooo, Courtney


  1. at least he is home now .. after the nightmare journey!! Im sure you will make the most of your time together x

  2. I donated!
    My husband had the same issues getting home from NYC with the last snowstorm. He did have to drive home from DC! I was so happy to see him!

  3. Travel hiccups are the worst! Especially after the week you had! I thought of you several times as the snow kept coming - no wonder you were too tired to sew in the evenings! Glad he made it home. And am so with you on the Valentines thing - We've been together for 18 years and feel the same way :).


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