Celestial Star QAL

Come on over to From Blank Pages today to see my Celestial Star block made with cotton + steel fabrics.  I'm sharing some tips on paper piecing.


  1. I have to admit something to you...I have seen this block you made more than once in my mind when I close my eyes to go to sleep at night. I LOVE it. It makes me want to do a quilt of paper pieced cotton and steel star blocks, and it would be epic. Adding it to the list...

  2. My mother just bought me some of this fabric. I went nuts for it because I felt it stood for strong women in my family...cotton and steel

  3. Courtney, I really appreciate your paper piecing tip. I have always had trouble with the center of my blocks, and now I think I understand why. Can't wait to try again! And your block is gorgeous!

  4. This block is absolutely perfect! Breathtaking! I can't even find appropriate words to describe how much I love it!


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